Known for being the holy grail of sports cars, the Porsche is a classic beauty that still captures the heart of many drivers. However, if you ask other owners, they will tell you; “they love the Porsche because of its well known high-performance.” With its dynamic functionality and easy to control capabilities, it still isn’t perfect. Here are a few common issues with the Porsche:

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can be a scary warning signal, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to throw in the towel on your Porsche. In fact, it could simply be telling you that it has detected a problem within the engine and you should stop driving it until you’ve located the problem. Many OBD systems will usually throw out a code to help you pinpoint exactly what the problem is.

Engine Oil Levels

Your engine oil is vital because it’s literally what keeps your engine running smoothly. Without the proper engine oil, your engine can suddenly stop working. More importantly, it’s essential to have the proper lubrication for an internal combustion engine like a Porsche. You should check your oil regularly and top it off when needed. Plus, change the oil every four to six months to keep your Porsche engine running at peak performance. According to Forbes, “you should think twice before letting those 3,000 miles pass you by.”

Brake Issues

You’re never suppose to hear your brakes squeaking. Faulty brakes can cause an automatic failure that could lead to an accident. With the Porsche, a squeaking sound could mean it’s time to repair or replace your brakes. You never want your brakes to start scrubbing metal to metal. If this happens, you should immediately have your brakes replaced.

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