Cars these days are as much electronics as they are mechanics. That is why we are skilled at both.

As cars and their engines become more modern, more of the systems are computer controlled. This results in more efficient cars with improved performance but it also means cars are more complex than ever.

The good thing about auto electrical problems is that they are usually indicated by a light or error message on your dash, making it easy for the driver to know something is amiss. There are more sinister issues though, such as your car not starting at all or cutting out unexpectedly.

When you have a problem with your vehicle’s electrical system, Binthani Motors service centre has the technology to diagnose the problem with trained and skilled technicians to service and repair any electrical components.

Our ELECTRICAL service includes:

  • Electrical Circuit Checks
  • Voltage Checks
  • Wiring Checks
  • Finding Electrical Faults


We use latest technologies to provide top professional electrical services


Competitive quality services provided by our engineers

3 days // estimated repair time
It’s all in the preparation! Whether it's a small dent or the whole car; our color match paint mixing service offers 48,000 colors, to be sprayed in a special vehicles painting booth.
4h // estimated repair time
Is your vehicle pulling you in any direction but straight? Get your suspension and steering systems checked periodically to ensure you're driving comfort and safety.