Steering & Suspension


Worn Suspension can jeopardize the control of your vehicle

As your vehicle suspension wears out gradually, you may not notice any problems until the system fails. It’s important to have your suspension system checked periodically to ensure you’re driving comfort and safety.

Also, Your steering system consists of a series of components (links and gears) that connect the driver from the steering wheel to the wheels.

Our STEERING & SUSPENSION service includes:

  • Repairing Steering System
  • Replacing steering linkage parts
  • Repairing and Replacing steering belt, steering fluid and steering pump
  • Checking and Replacing Struts & Shock absorbers


Your Steering and Suspension are vital, let us take a look at it


Competitive quality services provided by our engineers

1h // estimated repair time
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2h // estimated repair time
Enjoy and protect the Exterior and Interior looks of your vehicle, using the world's most advanced technologies, within the highest level of professionalism.